30 thoughts on “Who’s the bodyguard?

      1. Actually, he had a sister and they were Bonnie and Clyde. =)
        But now we just have Clyde and he is good at protecting us…unless there is a bear in the yard, then he runs and hides.

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      2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/svn04nniqcff3vt/Bear.MOV?dl=0 I was home with my wife and we saw the bear go through our yard and to our neighbor’s home to eat from the bird feeder. I grabbed my camera and a tele lens and ran outside. It was not smart. Our neighbor made the video. When the bear stops to look at something…he is looking at me. A scary moment. But I backed off and so did he. I never go my photo 😦 But I have a good story. =)

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      3. Wow! He was big. And very close of your neighbor. And he looked at you and you scared him. You made him go, right? And that was the moment when your bodyguard ran away :))

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      4. Everyone who sees the video comments on how big he was. He was huge for a black bear. Yes, I scared him off. Bears usually move away when they see people. That is why I was so nervous when he came around and looked at me. The cat was long gone. We know that if we are on our porch and the cat runs and hides, we likely have a bear in the yard. We only see them a few times a year. =)

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      5. A few times a year seems a lot. They are not dangerous? They not attack people? I know the bears come into areas populated by humans only when they are very hungry.


      6. It is only the past few years that we have seen them. We try not to leave out bird food or other things that they like to eat. They really don’t want to have anything to do with people but you would not want to get too close…like trying to take their picture. One day, I was riding my bike and one came out of the woods right in front of me. But aren’t they beautiful.

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      7. Yes, they are beautiful. You know, in Romania they come often to meet with people. Because of the hunger, especially in the winter, they come to trash to people’s houses and sometimes attacking animals in the yards of people. Sometimes they come on the road to the cars and ask for food. Seriously! There have been news on TV 🙂 Look at this videos:

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      8. Wow…You have the big brown bears there. We have them in the Western US. We try not to put out any bird feeders or anything that the bears will eat (except in winter when they sleep). It can get dangerous when they come to close to humans…but they are so cool to see in the wild. Thank you for sending me the link. Cheers!

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