Garden of Eden

Colorful flowers

Beautifully like in the

Garden of Eden

This is my uncle’s beautiful garden πŸ™‚


49 thoughts on “Garden of Eden

      1. Try to find (and see it on line) a) it is soooo French. b) It is a good movie c) You will see what I mean about garden dwarves. You can probably rent it on Itunes or something.

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      1. The first 15 days I will stay with my best friend because she goes to London forever 😦 To her mom. Then, I don’t know. It’s about money. Will see.

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      2. Forever? OMG. The advantage of today’s technology is that you should be able to keep in touch. Now, money… is always a source of trouble. Then there are many things that don’t cost much. Walking. Camping. (For instance)

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      3. Yeap, forever 😦 My dad says that he don’t know what he will do but he will try to take me to London next year, to my dear Catalina πŸ™‚
        I will find something to do in the summer, don’t worry, Brian πŸ™‚

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      4. This is the law in sport, Brian. You’re not allowed to use on the streets what you’ve learned. Only for self-defence. And I think it’s a good law.

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      5. Oh, absolutely. It is a very good law. I did a bit of Judo when I was your age, and the first “lesson” that was (almost) banged in our heads was: DO-NOT-EVER use judo outside the dojo. Unless you have reason to fear for your life. (I was joking about “kicking ass”)

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      6. First I was in Bulgaria some years ago at Albena Beach. It was wonderful. It was all so new. The hotel, the pool, the resort. The sand from the beach was so clean. The services were extraordinary. The people were also very kind. The food was very tasty and so much. It was magnificent. BTW, you know, Albena was Romanian territory. Right the next year, I was in Turkey, at Kusadasi Beach. We, women, love the sea, you know that. It was also beautiful. But there, the beach was not so clean. I understood that, because most of the tourists were from Scandinavia and they preferred the pool. But the food was great and the people, too. πŸ™‚
        That’s my story. I hope you will like it.

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      7. I do. And I agree with you about loving the sea. It is not exclusive. It must be quite interesting to discover those places, people, food that must be quite different. So Wanderlust is winking at you right?

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