White and pink beauties

They are everywhere

Good kids of Mother Nature

White and pink beauties


15 thoughts on “White and pink beauties

      1. You know you are also invited to be my Guest Writer, right? I would love to have one of your beautiful articles on my little blog ❤

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      2. No, you will be my Guest Star, dear friend. So, if you want and if you can, I will do it again this weekend. In fact, I want to do it in every weekend 🙂
        xoxo ❤

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      3. Thank you so much dear Monica!!! 🙂 Is there a special theme or something? And should I send it to your email adress or how do you proceed? Gosh, I´m sooo excited about this!!! 😉 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ❤

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      4. Hey! No theme. It’s about everyone’s originality. I love to see my little blog looking like a magazine with best editors in the world.
        xoxo ❤ :*

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      5. That´s wonderful, Monica! Will definitely see what I can find in my little archive 😉 But I´ll have to come back to you another weekend as this coming one is already fully scheduled! 🙂 Have a very lovely weekend, dear friend! xxxxxxx

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