19 thoughts on “Diamonds from the sky

  1. Thanks for posting Rihanna! I love her! I used to listen with my youngest daughter, so it reminded me of her…she had a girl crush on her. She’s so talented and beautiful!! xoxo

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      1. Hey, Chris! I just put a comment on your beaver photo and disappear. Can you check if it’s in spam, please? Or I have again troubles with WP 😦

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      2. I can see it, or them. It looks like two. One says you like beavers and what they do and another thanks me for checking this out. I only have a notice on the second one. But I can see them. Does that help?

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      3. I go email confirmation but did not see them when I was in Word Press and clicked on the top right corner. Usually, then I see all of my likes and comments.

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